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Clean Room Partitions

  • Wall partition system

South Star Engineering Solutions is very pleased to launch a new series of Wall Partition System a Healthier Solution for Hospital Room Partitions. Fabric curtain systems in healthcare facilities are built to provide privacy to patients. If you need to segment office space in your facility, wall off an area for better environmental protection or divide plant space from floor to ceiling, our wall partitioning systems are suitable for all forms of partitioning. In addition to effectively mediating the acoustics between rooms and inside each of them, the partitions, which are necessary for subdividing the space, must be particularly resistant to impact, fire, and humidity.


  • Ceiling partition system

South Star Engineering Solutions has a broad range of products to fit any design for architects and designers from traditional ceiling systems to elegant and exclusive ceiling systems. Our Clean Assure portfolio includes ceiling tiles, special ceilings and suspension structures the use of existing spaces for testing and insulation to satisfy patient requirements is currently required. The opportunity to clean up these areas to protect healthcare staff and patients is more critical than ever before. Ceiling tiles can be applied decoratively in a variety of designs and can be used for heat and moisture resistance in terms of their various properties. They’re lightweight, easy to mount and repair.


  • Doors and accessories

We may configure the door to suit unique dimensions, colours and accessories such as door automatics, glass openings, adaptation for access control systems, etc. Hospital doors are expected to have smooth surfaces. Dirt-collecting joints and valves make routine cleaning difficult. There is a major chance that the door may be struck by hospital beds or other. Therefore, doors and frames must be constructed to withstand daily effects. Materials used in the door must be able to tolerate washing with different forms of chemicals without causing damage. A sophisticated range of automatic doors and barrier systems for the healthcare sector has been established with a keen desire to encourage and enable greater environmental control, allowing for an easy, touch-free and hygienic operation.


  • Modular Clean Room Panels

The interpretation of a cleanroom can differ from industry to industry and from customer to customer, with each application designed to meet the unique needs of the specific requirements of the business. With our vast understanding and thorough knowledge of the industry, we are engaged in designing, trading and selling Modular Clean Room Panels. Basically, this is intended for air ingress in the room. By keeping track of recent industry trends, we are delivering an outstanding selection of Clean Room Doors During the production phase, this product is tested at any point of the manufacturing process, thereby balancing international standard on the market.

At SouthStar, we work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their business. Contact us today for Cleanroom partitions!

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