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EPOXY & PVC Flooring SouthStar India has a wide variety of industrial flooring solutions providing extremely flexible and robust workhorse surfaces, best suited to the industrial sector’s demanding operating conditions. Depending on the particular type of coating and the...

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Laboratories Furniture

Laboratories Furniture After researching the use habits of the consumers over a period of time, our Laboratory Furniture collection is impeccably built. We ensure that all of these products fit together and connect with our other Cleanroom products &...

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Clean Room Equipment

Clean Room Equipment Completely configured control systems for the facility in a cleanroom. We have a large range of cleanroom appliances, clothes, furniture, and cleaning rooms, labs, and processing facilities at SouthStar. For the absolute finest of clean rooms,...

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Ducting We sell a wide variety of air conditioning ducting systems in order to satisfy the varied demands of our valuable clients. The duct system is designed to supply air-conditioned rooms that are heated or cooled by heating, ventilation...

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Clean room partitions

Clean Room Partitions Wall partition system South Star Engineering Solutions is very pleased to launch a new series of Wall Partition System a Healthier Solution for Hospital Room Partitions. Fabric curtain systems in healthcare facilities are built to provide...

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