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Clean Room Equipment

Completely configured control systems for the facility in a cleanroom. We have a large range of cleanroom appliances, clothes, furniture, and cleaning rooms, labs, and processing facilities at SouthStar. For the absolute finest of clean rooms, look no further than Clean Rooms International!

We will offer the utmost in efficiency, customer service, reliability and exclusive designs just for you!

  • Pass boxes (Static | Dynamic)

Maximize production efficiency with cleanroom facilities! We will create a tailored pass-through box for the customer’s size. Every box shall be manufactured in compliance with international standards and shall be delivered at the leading industry price. These pass boxes are supplied to meet the most demanding regulated environmental specifications in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food industries.

  • Laminar Airflow system

SouthStar engineering solutions provide a high-quality Air Flow System, and our supplied handling unit is designed in compliance with the set specification using excellent quality materials and advanced technologies. In addition, to have a perfect range, our accuracy controllers check this handling system for various parameters.


  • Bio safe cabinet

South Star Engineering bio-safe cabinets have more capabilities in their price range than any cabinet, offering the utmost in protection at very cost-effective prices. We have engineers, equipment and experience that allow us to serve you with your choice of the bio-safety cabinet that can differ in size, related accessories and control points, etc. These cabinets are highly efficient in ensuring the highest degree of protection, made of labelled parts; hence, they are considered a necessary part of any research laboratory. The consistency tested by industry experts is robust in nature and provided by the Biosafety Cabinet. Reliable in design, the cabinets provided are free of harm and easy to put. This cabinet’s rugged, free frame is easy to scrub.

  • Sampling and Dispensing booths

We provide a comprehensive variety of booths for dispensing & sampling. They are designed using advanced technologies by our highly trained experts and are used at industry-leading prices. We sell Dispensing Booth, which is used to monitor the dangerous emission of powder dust during powder dispensing, through keeping track of current business growth. In personalized choices, the given booth is made available according to the needs of the customers. This booth is made using the finest basic material of the grade and new techniques. This booth is also available to us at reasonable prices.

  • Air shower

For cleanroom staff, we plan, produce and build air showers. In particular, these clean room air showers are used in numerous types of hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and animal facilities, where they serve as input systems that decontaminate workers before accessing a clean environment. Air Shower A well-built self-contained factory assembled to supply a spray of flowing air from shipped nozzles that can be deployed practically at any location.

At SouthStar, we work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their business. Contact us today for cleanroom Equipment!

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