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Micro Electronics

We can give you turnkey solutions for your electronic project with our electronic design expertise and our production capability. 

Experience in engineering, manufacturing, designing, assembling, robotics and metrology with SouthStar Solutions ensures that you are equipped from idea to development and beyond. To build and test the method before you invest in manufacturing facilities, we apply ideas and strategies based on years of experience.

We aim for excellence by providing our clients with fully integrated services in high-performance printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), mechanics and total turnkey systems used in a wide range of industries for flexible electronic applications.

We have embraced flexibility to provide complete or partial turnkey assembly of prototyping services in which we completely or partially organize the components and all the inputs necessary in the development of PCBs.

⦁ PCBA Layout Services
⦁ SMT & Thru-Hole
⦁ Single or Double Sided
⦁ Leaded or RoHS-Compliant
⦁ Fine Pitch, BGA & Micro-BGA
⦁ High-Density Interconnect
⦁ Multi-Chip Modules (MCM)
⦁ Chip-on-Board Assembly
⦁ Wire Bonding/Die Bonding
⦁ Flip Chip
⦁ Conformal Coating

We are always next to the client, from concept to validation, Contact us today for Micro-Electronics Turnkey & Cleanroom solutions!

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