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R&D Laboratory

From all facets of research and development, industrial design, and turnkey technologies, we provide a full design service. SouthStar introduces new ideas that have not been on the market and transform your views into reality. For the further development of your company’s brand new product, we have the requisite skills, expertise & technologies.

Well-versed and highly experienced in Research & Development and automotive test systems production

By offering creative, value-added, reliable and renewable solutions by development and materials, to become the best turnkey solution in R&D Facility.

To match the exact project requirements, SouthStar provides a wide range of electronic R&D services, including:

  • Specification of Definition
  • Creation & research
  • Design of analogue & digital hardware
  • Firmware Embedded
  • Software for desktops
  • Design of Interface
  • Algorithms embedded with hardware and power
  • Algorithms embedded with firmware and power
  • Designing PCBs
  • Mechanics Science
  • Industrial Architecture
  • Assembly prototypes
  • Jigs for Verifications and Reviewers

We are always next to the client, from concept to validation, Contact us today for R&D Turnkey & Cleanroom solutions!

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